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Sydney - Elegant lyrics

[Intro: Dane Lawrence]
Ugh (Young Miggs on the check in)
This the Gift (Theme Music)

[Verse 1: Dane Lawrence (Adlibs: Sydney)]
Shorty said she love my elegance (Oh I like that)
Never had a n***a like me girl that's evident
Said she love this Gourmet lifestyle I represent (What you cooking baby?)
Took her under my wing now she flyer than she ever been (Fly baby)
Sometimes she call me superman
Doing the type of sh** most humans can't (Uh uhh)
Took her places that she never been
I had to take her out her element (Where we going baby?)
Black tie flow this Black Excellence
The Black James Bond she always heard of him (Okay)
Took her from her friends they hating now the nerve of them
You better off without 'em baby murder them (Murder them)
The way we living got her mama worried
The money make my heart cold as January
Shorty said she love my elegance (I like that)
Tom Ford cologne baby love the scent (Smooth baby)
I ain't your ordinary rap n***a
Corporate thug still cool with all the trap n***as
Corner office big boss Rick Ross sh**
Beard gang baby girl think I'm gorgeous (Handsome)
She appreciate what I admire
All my diamonds blue the whip sapphire
Everything looking up only the top down
Been number one on them charts for a while now (You the best baby)
Shorty said she love my elegance (I like that)
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Just burnt Saks down ain't leave no evidence (We got that)
After s** she rolling up my medicine (Don't stop that)
Eve was God's gift to man shorty heaven sent
Gave her that dick that gave her confidence (Oh I like that)
Cooking up she clean the dishes then she polish him
Make sure she do it just the way I like
It's Gourmet Everything girl this a way of life (What you cooking baby?)
Sent her back to school I need mine educated
Make her play with herself before I penetrate it (What you doing baby?)
I'm so secure I'm so sophisticated
I know she love me she ain't gotta say it (I love you)
Shorty said she love my elegance (I like that)
I spit game so eloquent
Brought her to the spot she feeling relevant
Took a couple shots she feeling excellent (I'm feeling good baby)
She hold her liquor we gone hit my residence
Open up the door for her then she let me in (Okay)
Have her ride me with her heels on
Take my time with her sh** we still going (Don't stop baby!)

Shorty said she love my elegance (I like that)

Shorty said she love my elegance (I need that)

Shorty said she love my elegance (I like that)

[Outro: Sydney]
I like that
I need that
Don't stop that
I love your elegance
I love your elegance

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