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Sydney - All We Wanted lyrics

[Verse 1: Kevin Grands]
Uh, all we wanted was champagne
And paper planes just to maintain
I saw the life and, I wish I could exchange
Make the money disappear like Davide Blain
Novacane, I was numb to the pressure
And I had to put it on the line
Kevin Grands the finesser
And your lady got me on her mind
Uh, still so much more
Hand shakes with the greats but, we at war
For the culture, feel like I been called
Noe the rap game calling me Mi Amor
Clear the way but I'm free from fall
Still in the wake cause I seen it all
Built a squad, we been winning and all
You know ID37 if youn thinking of gods
Now I'm swimming in closure
Told life that I'm in it till it's over
Kick game never really into loafers
For each day that they wanted me to hold up
But now I'm telling them hold up
Then turn it like the wrong page
Eating off the ontrays
All I want is champagne

We just kept moving on
To dance in the rain in December
We just kept moving on
To make all these days we'll remember, when
All we wanted was champagne x8

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[Verse 2: Shukid]
One time for the good living
Well I gotta thank God for that I've seen, right?
I feel like I'm in a box of biscuits cause everything around me just feel nice
I seen fights, I seen hunger
Them police lights I even need a slumber
It's like life gave me a batch of lemons
When the rain hit me I seek the thunder
I sneeked up under this cold weather
Sneezed a bunch of these cold rhymes
I seem to capure these folks' attention
Now my sneakers got on that Jordan sign
Borderline, I'm top of the art
What you calling the end, I'm just calling the start
Some call me a god, but when it comes to the ladies
Let's just say, they call me a lot
Uh, 37 we be k**ing 'em
And they gon' keep on taking it, long as we keep giving 'em, easy
The homie Raj always started this way
And I know he eating enough for him to even feed me
Life's good when you look at The Bright Side, Grands reference
We started this thing, got the fans' preference
Did it on our own now they ask for leverage
Let the grands register, peace


[Bridge: Sydney]
To dance in the rain in December
I just pray it wash the stains in my soul
We made all these days to remember
Baby can I get one more? x2


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