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Syd Morrison - Common Logic (Remix) lyrics

Wacko Johnny Blue. That's my name dawg
Don't wear it out like a seesaw
CuZ when you go flying you're like "yee-haw."
We-snaw like Mystery on Spongebob
I'm ready like the intro to the theme song
This is too long, as I continue
& I'm next like file and then view
Kneel to the lord, on your pew
10 remixes, that's just a few;
I'm never stopping. I'm dropping my utensils
& when you fight, I wrestle
I'm on another level
The tempo is fast-paced
On the news like a car chase
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& when I speak, I hope you get a taste
Sticky feel like icky, white paste
Common Knowledge, Common Logic
When you hear this, realize my flow is sick
& I break instrumentals like toothpicks
I practice and control what I speak
I control what songs I leak;
I control dropping songs every day or week
& you're weak, you fell from you're peak
I've barely started, but I'm cold like the Arctic
I can't draw, but my words are artistic; & I find water that's mystic
Its misty, not Misty with Starmie
Starring Ash as hes starting his journey
The beat wants an attorney, cuZ all its saying is "stop, don't hurt me."

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