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Syd Morrison - Common Knowledge (Remix) lyrics

Stomp through a courtyard with a quartet
Hit the high c's, drink hi-c, and practice vocals locally
Hopefully the lights dim;
Its sunset I see the sun set under my brim
I flow like a current, I'm current news
Chill beat, but I still leave it with a bruise;
Black and blue, leave it sicker than the common flu
Lame Like Me Cormz, whens it dropping dude?
Hitting this beat like Chris hit Rihanna
My raps are my real persona
I chew up other like a llama, and spit out my product
Pabst and Jazz, spit crazier than Tazz
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I know that life it never lasts;
That's why I grabbed the mic and didn't pa**
Sure I'm being selfish, but I don't need a wish
I worked really hard at this
I've got like a hundred 16's
I've got flow coming with me;
I've got a good shot like shooting 3's, and I'm okay lyrically
And my punchlines hurt like a sting from a bee
Yeah I'm Dirty Dan like Patrick, that sick
My rap trick is practicing for near perfect
You don't understand, but you're not supposed to
Beast Coast, we now own you

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