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Syd Morrison - ATLiens (Remix) lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Atlanta aliens, go up to Boston, kick it like Koston
Flip it till I'm exhausted, and nauseous
Everything is spinning like I'm Dizzy, nah that ain't Wright
Spitting in your eyes so you lose sight
Lose my motivation cuZ I'm on vacation
Hell yeah I'm lying;
Soak the beat with bleach and leave it out for drying
One verse from me is equivalent to your degree from Kanye's university
You're late to cla**, I'm having a Good Morning;
Good Life, Flashing Lights, I'm actually snoring
Nightmares storm into my mind;
Thing is my dreams help me write these lines
I write to twist plots like spines; & twist them I do
Light them up when they're thicker
Cure your bad mood quicker than a Snicker
I dislike fish and grits and all that pimp sh**;
But I'm not a motherf**ing pimp, b**h
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[Verse 2:]
I'm a Gla$$ Mosquito like Nincada
Blanco no blanca
Listening to a lot of Nas, Outkast, and Kanye
Stop, like you're at a 4-way intersection
I want more Ye like Late Registration
Production game like Crack Music with The Game
Unique, I laugh at the ones who are the same
My Name Is My Name harder than a lot of albums
Harder than the ones blowing money on medallions
Blowing Money Fast, MMG filled with weak mc's
Not all, but they're making their way to the mainstream
Rapping about lean and d** like you can't die
Kids listen and overdose over their lies
Pretty sure Cudi is a sign
Everybody gotta change up like a change-up
Protect the kids like Rangers
& power through like Rocket Power, All Along The Watchtower

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