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Syco myko - Nerd origin lyrics

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(Verse 1: myko) Alright I guess they said f** me because I said f** dc but how can you blame me December 28 I even share the same birth date as Stan lee. I also love wwf slash e. Can't be hurt to used to being called nerdy. Apologize toy friends I ain't mean to embarra** ya'! They laughing at us because I'm rocking a shirt with captain America!? An adventure of self esteem that's were I need to embark scared i might come back more childish than Arthur the ardvark. I mean the majority of people I know either hate me or under estimate me. I'm now thinking about how it wouldn't be funny if I take ya and stab you in the trachea. But, it would seem I lack too much self esteem to just to make the message home boy even I hate the the man in the mirror

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