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Syco myko - k**er myko lyrics

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(Syco myko:)who am I? A rather nerdy n***a but at the same time a rather dirty n***a. Man see I started kinda nerdy had nearly k** some guys to tell them not to f** with me. f** fitting in I ain't trying to be a real g. I might kinda insane but I can face reality. So what does happen when one is angry and nerdy. I get like wwe goes pg and now it's like if john cena comes to my door even if he offering tickets to wrestlemania 34 I would still pull a knife and turn this into horror core. Oh Brody's clay there too f** that now I'm going to turn this sh** to real life mortal kombat! Yell f** this shove a pen so far up his a** leave sh** stains on his esophagus.trying to get signed I need to enlist I ain't Tajiri I'm spitting more than mist can't leave a hater alone give me a quick sec to split his wrist. And guess what marvel for life I'll stab super man with a kryptonite knife steal his wife and while he's dying in pain I'm in the bed running my car through Lois' Lane! Man I'm insane the doctors diagnose my brain they said its like aj lee got raped Kane. So at this point any b**h that f**s with me can get slain!

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