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Syco myko - Finally snapped lyrics

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(Verse 1:syco myko):Alright man I'm always bullied but one day something snapped and I began to rap.and when I did I spit some hot sh** that was unrealistic. Telling folks who hating to s** my dick next day I go to school one of them call me fat oh hell naw f** that. Told them go f** yourself then let me break your spine so you can s** yourself. Man then I hatched a plan to k** this man. So then day I sneak to his househusband mom comes out curious to see what's under her blouse. But f** it ain't no time for her to eat me besides I got to be sneaky. Dumb whore left the door unlocked at this point the bully runs out his room at the sound of my gun being cocked. I drop it pulled my knife took it to his fathers wife then said hey man I'm gonna cut you and friggin gut you. s** you always calling me wack I'm going to use your lungs as a condom a f** your b**h from the back then after that I'm going to cut out her ovaries and ship her sh** over seas then I'm going to come back and gag you with her arteries. But damn here comes the cops right now I got to end the life of the one in front of my gun

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