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Sy Scott - Make Room lyrics

[Sy Scott]
My locomotive railroaded
They training on track
I go half on babies, snatch my 50 Cent back
Deep breath
If I sounded like you, I'd speak less
Give up rapping and start making beats at recess
My hi step go wreck sh** on reflex
Imagine Greg Louganis scared of getting his feet wet
They small caliber
I'm complex like Japanese algebra
X times Y equals a thousand of ya
Catch me in Air Force 1's, attacking rappers like Air Force One
Till you're forced to win, the air is none
Forth quarter, fourth and one
King of all kings, blown into kingdom come
Sy hiding with Bin Laden, holding the misbegotten
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America hostage, bomb it and remain in Scotland

[Erick Sermon]
Yeah, all the b-boy's

[Sy Scott]
Move it, I prove it
It's dangerous for you to get influence by your music

[Hook: Jamal] {x2}
Make room
Everybody, Def Squad's on the bill
Move room
It's an emergency alarm the world
Make room
Rock the show tell them fools at the do'
Make room
We the one's that the people came fo'

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