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Sy Scott - Feel Me Baby lyrics

[Hook: Erick Sermon]
I'm the man now for real
Feel Me Baby
Understand that you heard
Feel Me Baby
Def Squad 2000
Feel Me Baby
Next up, it's the Philly n***a over here
Feel Me Baby

[Sy Scott]
Sy blaze all guests makin it heated like August in Augusta
Packin like Paxson in a Pac Ten crush ya like Bone Crusher
Benjamins for no benjamins been jammin to bend the jam in
Or any Reggie Hammond Soft like lamb skin
For half a man I'll slice a whole man into a half a man again
When I owe I still collect
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When I call it's always collect
A cool lecture wreck your sector
Except for to select raw, rip through they reps like raptor
For the records they recall
For real, for real like stop playin'
Stop playin' like, "Naw don't believe what he's sayin'."
Get cut off like extra pounds on boxers at the weigh in
k** that like gay men relating to straight men
Untouchable like Made Men
Made [?] pa** the made men wages of war waging like who
It comes to the sh** I'm like who
In the battle you're like who, like who?
Tell Ox not to show what not to do
Lord they know not what they do, but they know what not to do
The idea, ideal, n***as have no idea how I deal through rhyme sk**
What, ain't no more to it, keep it movin'

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