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Sword (US) - Children of Ghede lyrics

Running through the thick
Fog and wet ground
Know that there is a
k**ing chill lurking
Ready to strike at my throat.
As my feet are tripped up
On broken headstones
Rise to look at my fate,
And greeted by groans.
Blood is what they thrust,
And the flesh on my bones.
Make my way through the
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Outstretched bloody hands
Not looking back I run
As I see others fall to the ground
Skin torn from their skulls
As their mouths make
Piercing sounds
This red tide is on the rise
Hiding in every dark corner of
My mind. Pray for light to come and washer over the land.
As I aim right between
The eyes. Inhuman life is taken
To survive. Cut right into the new
World alive. Triumph over friends.

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