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Swole Music - Throw It Up lyrics

[Intro: Lil Jon (Eastside Boyz)]
Let's go
Lil' Jon and the motherfuckin' Eastside Boyz
Ok, Pastor Troy, yeah
We represent for everybody
All the real niggas in America
Where you at, or where the fuck you from?
We represent for ya'll
We represent for G-A (throw it up)
Naptown (throw it up); Tennessee (throw it up)
Saint Louis (throw it up); J-Ville (throw it up)
Mississippi (throw it up); Alabama (throw it up)
V-A (throw it up); Detroit (throw it up)
D-C (throw it up); Dallas, Texas (throw it up)
The Carolinas (throw it up); Houston niggas (throw it up)
Louisiana (throw it up); the Bay niggas (throw it up)
Let's go

[Hook: Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz]
(4x) Throw it up, Motherfucker, throw it up
(4x)If you scared to throw it up, get the fuck out the club

[Bridge: Lil Jon (Eastside Boyz)]
(2x) Back up bitch, get the fuck out my way
(Aye move the fuck back bitch, move the fuck back)
(2x) What you looking at nigga, what you looking at nigga?
(Not me or my clique, we too trill, my nigga)
(2x) We to deep off in this bitch, we too deep off in this bitch
(It's more of us than it is in the club, stupid bitch)
Ya'll niggas over there ( ya'll niggas ain't shit)
Ya'll hoes over there (ya'll hoes ain't shit)
(4x) We run this (what)


[Verse 1: Pastor Troy]
The last nigga, is the pastor, ready to blast ya
You know, I don't play no motherfuckin' games
D-S-G-B, you know the name
Wood grain in the motherfuckin' dually truck
Got the black and red seats, with the Georgia tuft
And I got my helmet, hangin' out the window
Ready to bust the head, of a fuckin' pretender
Nigga, as soon as I enter, you know I'm makin' noise
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Pastor Troy, and the Eastside Boyz
A-K bustin', I ride the whole clip
I cock that ho, and let it motherfuckin' rip
To sank shit, is what I live for
Fuck him, Fuck her
I'm representin'
Put some more 'yac in my mug
So I can throw it up


[Lil Jon talking]
Ok, ok, hold the fuck up, hold the fuck up
I'm looking 'round this bitch
I see a lot of niggas ain't throwin' up shit (What)
Ya'll niggas must be scared to represent yo shit (You scared)
You must be scared, nigga (Scared)
Fuck that shit
All my real niggas that proud of they hood
All my real ladies that's proud of they hood
And they ain't never been scared
Say this shit

[Bridge: Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz]
Bitch I ain't scared
Bitch I ain't scared
Bitch I ain't scared
I ain't scared, motherfucker

[Verse 2: Pastor Troy]
I'm gon' represent where I'm from
In the back of the club, my Tommy gun
Though when I chill, fuckin' burn one
Leave up out the club, it's me and Little Jon
Ballin' in the Benz's, switchin' up lanes
Talkin' much shit cause we deep in the game; cocaine
All white fuckin' S, fuckin' six
Young ass niggas, I guess we filthy rich
My whole clique, ready to bust some heads
I'mma throw it up, bitch, and I ain't scared
Pastor Troy, motherfucker, you know the routine
Represent for the home team
Throw it up


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