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Sweat Band - Jamaica lyrics

Hey, sweats
Yeah, yeah baby what do you want?
By Jove, I think you´ve got it

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

Now that gets at least in the books

Yeah, uh huh

A mulyayeah, amulyayeah, amulyayeah
Aah hauh

I declare if I didn´t know him very alright, hee

Now, I want all you folks down there to just gather around and listen to this ol´ Sweat Band just get on down, you hear?

Rainbow, rainbow, gu gu ka gu go
Rainbow, rainbow, ooh ooh aah ooh
Rainbow, rainbow, gu gu ka gu go
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Rainbow, rainbow, ooh ooh aah ooh

One two three, yeah
Three two one, yeah, ooh

Hey Shirley
Have you seen him?
Yeah, he´s alright, is he big?
Yeah, he´s really big
I mean he´s like six-three, OK
Well, I mean I really hope he´s taller than that guy
Me too
Oh what?
I´m glad you could get here
It´s really gettin´ good in there now
Say, could you do us a favor and sing this bit?
It won´t take you long
But first, I want you to meet my lady from Jamaica

Jamaica, take me to Uganda
(Repeat to end)

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