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Posted in the dungeon with my n***as in the back ay, roll off with that ana dont get hit in the back ay black bandana on the bama smoking on a sack ay, snap ya like camera on the banner shoot ya like ay, dont give no f** dont give no f** dont give no f** ima blast ya, rolling off a pilly it got me feeling like yo pastor ay, keep it chill dont won't no problem f**ing with the master ay, smoking on this pressure it got me feeling like im Casper ay, these n***as steady hating dont got no reason u need to stop it ay, cuz when i bring the pressure have these p**y boys flopping ay, feeling like im kodak cuz there ain't no flocking in these projects ay, smoking on a locness and while im pouring up the sloppy ay, these p**y n***as flexing with the weapons like they bout it ay, when i pull up with the hexes and the magic ima catch a murder ay

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