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Sundown Lane - Tsunami lyrics

[Sundown Lane]
All these perspectives manifest and coalesce
Into the sum of our experience
From your eyes to your chest

Some things are worse than dreaming

You remind me of a song
I don't know where I heard it before
But your ghost is in the notes
And the notes are in my bones
And they shiver

Got nothing to do with the cold
Got nothing to do with anything
I just close my lips and
Burn like a kiss
Planted on the mouth of a star
You shine so brightly I can see you from so far
You twinkle in suspension
While the world revolves around you
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Alone, exploding
Where no one will ever find you

In our puddles we see lakes
And in our lakes we see oceans
We always drown, but
We never knew how to swim
Now did we?
Swept away by storms
Lost our way home
The roads are flooded with fear
We got nowhere to go

We ride these tsunamis to shores
Even higher than heaven
Plaster is flaking from the sky
It's time to break that ceiling
Drifting Away on the clouds
We'll find our way home

Falling down
With the rain
We're going

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