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Suli Breaks - Sold Dreams (Interlude) (Ft. Hood Funny Ayo) lyrics

Have ever accidentally broken a heart?
A mission you thought was a walk in the park,
but when the con flips, there's conflict.

Leaving you thinking this is not what you planned in the start, have you
Have you ever listened a little bit too much?
So much so she tells you about her past,
And how none of them ever lasted,
how she doesn't want another light skinned brother to leave her in the dark, have you

Have you ever accidentally sold a dream
OK, not sold the dream but you know like, set a scene
And I did, I would stick in her mind but she's blind
Blind to the fact that this movie won't show
Knowing the results of your actions may leave her heart cold
and I know I know because she painted me a picture and says she picks our souls and says she has a problem defining what she needs.

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Told me she's giving up on trying and she expects the letdown
so she's giving up on crying but in between she enjoys the company, so, as she moves her waist in time I know she's wasting time.
Understanding loneliness could be a sentence where should could be facing life. But I made this, right?
Never did I think "how could I make this right?"

And now her heart's broke.
Calculating the time she spent on the dreams she got sold
and I don't understand I have a part to play.
Though I don't exactly know how you feel because I can't relate, but I see it now.
Is it because you wore your heart on your sleeve?
At first it was hard to believe for the mere fact you said you didn't.

You said I played my part as a thief to take your heart and then leave and that deed there left you sick.
And I know I shouldn't have entertained this lust.
I think it's something about her body, partly.
She let her body be my party, though,
I don't see a future in her.

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