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Studio Ghibli - Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind lyrics

(In a ghost town overrun with fungus)
YUPA: Another village dead...
YUPA: Let's go... This place will sink into the Wasteland soon,

1000 years ago, civilization collapsed, and a ceramic fragment
was hidden in the earth laid waste. The ruined ocean came to
be called the Wasteland, and, giving off poisonous vapor, its
forest of fungi spreads, until it threatens the existence of
the declining human race .

Title: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

(We see Nausicaa flying over the Wasteland on her glider,
Mehve. She lands and enters the forest)
NAUSICAA: The path of an Ohmu... It's still fresh...
(She follows the track)
NAUSICAA: The shed skin of an Ohmu...
NAUSICAA: Amazing...!
NAUSICAA: What a perfect cast-off skin, the first.
NAUSICAA: Phew... Sounds good. Hah!
NAUSICAA: Oof... The ceramic sword wasn't enough. The Valley people
will be happy.
NAUSICAA: I'm not worried, the materials to make a tool were here
all the time.
NAUSICAA: An amazing eye... I think I can fly back with this one...
(She frees a hemispherical eye covering from the rest of the
NAUSICAA: Oof! Ah - got it - wow! How light it is. Ha, ha...
NAUSICAA: Ah... The vapor is making the afternoon spores fall.
NAUSICAA: If not for this mask, my lungs would decay in five
minutes. A forest of death...
NAUSICAA: Ah...?! Who?!
NAUSICAA: What could it be... My heart is pounding...
NAUSICAA: Ah!! It's an insect gun! Someone is angering the
NAUSICAA: Ah, sorry!
NAUSICAA: Over there! An amazing cloud of spores... An Ohmu! It
must be the owner of that shed skin.
NAUSICAA: It's no use running over that way.
(She fires a signal flare)
NAUSICAA: Pay attention!
NAUSICAA: They answered! Come over this way!
(She takes to the air aboard Mehve, and soon finds a rider
fleeing from an Ohmu)
NAUSICAA: What a splendid Ohmu...
NAUSICAA (to Yupa): To the windward side!
YUPA: Sorry!
(Nausicaa drops flares to dazzle the Ohmu)
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NAUSICAA: Ohmu - go back to the forest. Beyond here is not your
world. Say, be a good boy. In anger, you forget me...
You're not quiet.
YUPA: The light turned the Ohmu's eyes...
(Nausicaa circles the Ohmu, holding a strange noisemaker)
YUPA: An insect-whistle ...
NAUSICAA: Ohmu, open your eyes... Let's go back to the forest.
NAUSICAA: It's woken up!
YUPA: Oh...!
YUPA: The Ohmu will go back to the forest... And with just light-
bombs and insect-whistles, she quiets Ohmu...
(Soon, Nausicaa lands and runs to Yupa)
NAUSICAA: Lord Yupa!
NAUSICAA: Ah, ha, ha, ha...
YUPA: Ha, ha, ha... Nausicaa, you've grown.
NAUSICAA: It's been a year and a half! Father will be glad.
YUPA: If not to thank... [?] You've become a fine wind-user.
NAUSICAA: No - not yet, Father says, but...!
(Nausicaa notices something in Yupa's belt pouch)
YUPA: Oh, yes... I completely forgot about this fellow.
NAUSICAA: Wow! A fox-squirrel. Nice to meet you!
YUPA: This fellow was kidnapped by a bird-louse, he's not much more
than a baby... I ended up using my gun unintentionally.
NAUSICAA: Why did you anger such a large Ohmu?
YUPA: Because he fainted, he didn't inhale the poison. No, don't
put out your hand that way. He's a good child, but rather
NAUSICAA: Come to me...
YUPA: Hey!
NAUSICAA: Hey, don't be afraid...
NAUSICAA: Don't be afraid.
NAUSICAA: Say, you're not afraid, are you?
NAUSICAA: He was just scared. Heh!
NAUSICAA: Lord Yupa, won't you please give him to me?
YUPA: Ah... Ah... I don't mind.
NAUSICAA: Wow! Thanks. Eat shellfish! [?] Tell me?
YUPA: It's a mysterious power...
NAUSICAA (to Yupa's animals): Heh, tired? Full of running! Ah ha!
YUPA: Is everyone the same? What's the matter...?
NAUSICAA: It's Father! Father doesn't fly any more...
YUPA: Jiru...! Because of the forest's poison...
NAUSICAA: Yes... The decision to live near the Wasteland...?
YUPA: I must visit as soon as possible...
NAUSICAA: No... It would be really good for you to come...
NAUSICAA: Teacher! Later on, right or wrong, I want you to look at
something. My secret room!
YUPA: Oho...
NAUSICAA: I'm not afraid, I'll go and notify everybody. (?)
NAUSICAA: Teacher, you hurry, too! Lord Yupa!! Would you please
carry this? I can't fly well, the air currents are disrupted!
YUPA: Ha, ha, ha... Still, she reads the wind well. Well - just a
little further.

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