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Stuck In Kaos - God Is Man lyrics

It's War!

If God exists and he watches over us
He'd be horrified and surely turn his head in disgust
Because we evolved into primitives to recreate the earth
And she'd the blood of the ma**es to witness the re-birth
Of a new breed of man, They say that God Is Dead
Now it's k** or be k**ed and God Is Man

Through their eyes, God Is Man
And through my eyes, f**ed Is Man

'cause' I want to know if he can deal with what I can't
And travel down our broken path to see the evolution of man
To fight tooth and nail against our freedom at risk
To stop a generation where our minds are fixed
I say burn it all down, burn it all down
And see if they still say that God Is Man

Come on, Flood the earth
Bring it f**ing on
Because we k** our children
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It's what we deserve
Bring the holocaust
'cause' we're living in sin
Now take us all
And bring the f**ing End!

He took me to the front line, there waged a war against all men
He held me up as a slave condemning me to join their Trend
He said look here son there's a choice to be made
Either you take our mark or I'll put you in your grave
His countdown begins with his gun pointed at me
The dying words of this mad man were 1,2,3

It's the apocalypse, what
The end of time
Your Stuck In Kaos
This sh**'ll make you lose your mind
It's the apocalypse
It's S.I.K, S.I.K, S.I.Ks
So f** the bullsh**
And get S.I.K with this

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