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Stuart Lowery - Don't (WSTRN Remix) lyrics

[Verse 1: Bryson Tiller]
Don't, don't play with her, don't be dishonest (Aye)
Still not understandin' this logic (Aye)
I'm back and I'm better (And I'm better)
I want you bad as ever
Don't let me just let up
I wanna give you better
Baby, it's whatever
Somebody gotta step up
Girl, I'm that somebody, so I'm next up
Be damned if I let him catch up
It's easy to see that you're fed up
I am on a whole 'nother level
Girl, he only f**ed you over 'cos you let him
f** him, girl, I guess he didn't know any better
Girl, that man didn't show any effort
Do all I can just to show you you're special
Certain it's your love that holds me together
Lately you say he been k**in' the vibe
Gotta be sick of this guy
Pull up, skrr, get in the ride
Left hand is steerin' the other is grippin' your thigh
Light up a spliff and get high
Shorty, you deserve what you've been missin'
Lookin' at you I'm thinkin' he must be trippin'
Play this song for him, tell him, "Just listen"

[Hook: Bryson Tiller]

[Verse 2: Haile]
West side (I'm just in my zone)
Haile what you thinking, man, you tryna mess her head up? (tryna mess her head up, yeah)
Tryna make excuses to make yourself feel better, yeah
Well I'm back like I never left
I want you bad as ever
You get me high, my eyes are redder
We just in the zone ah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah
Girl just hear me out
Trust me, word, he ain't bout that life
Don't let this brother gas you up with all of these lies
Light up my night and we shine
Shorty, you deserve what you been missin'
I'm thinkin' you don't even know what you're missin'
Play this song for him, tell him, "Just listen", yeah
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[Verse 3: Akelle]
Wait, wait, hold up, hold up
Baby just jump in my ride
I'll show you how to have a good time out now
Forget that other guy, I wrote this song for you to play to him
Couple things that you should say to him, yeah
It's up to you now, but you're acting like you don't know what to do (oh-oh-oh)
Please, he's a eediat (fool)
Post a pic of me and you, let him see that (cool)
Let him see that I let you wear my j**els out
Said he wants to beef, man, them man ah haffi cool out


[Verse 4: Louis Rei]
Aha, wait, wait hold up
Don't you see me belling your blower
Show up, show off, you know us
Speak in a tone that's lower, low and behold
Know that I told you to come over, hop in the ride
That's right, roll out
Left side, stroll with me baby
Cause I know you wanna roll with me
So why don't we?
You should let go, no we ain't [?]

[Outro: King Vory]
H-Town got a n***a so throwed
Pour up, we can party some more
Yeah, got this drank in my cup
Got a young n***a feelin' so throwed
Spit fire in a world so cold
Young money got a n***a feelin' old
H-Town got a n***a so throwed
(Play this song for him, tell him "Just listen")


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