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South Carolina punks Stretch Arm Strong formed in 1994, originally comprising singer/ba**ist Matt McCarty, guitarists Scott Dempsey and David Sease, and drummer John Barry. After debuting on a split single also featuring local band Bedlam Hour, Stretch Arm Strong recorded an album that remains unreleased; with the addition of ba**ist Chris McLane, McCarty was able to focus solely on vocal duties, and after Dempsey founded his own label, Insurgent Sounds, the group issued a six-song EP that sold out its original pressing in a matter of months. When McCarty quit to get married, McLane a**umed the frontman role and Donnie Raines was brought in on ba**, although he was dismissed after a lone split single with Prevail (whose Shawn Williams played ba** on Stretch Arm Strong's full-length Rise). Jeremy Jeffers was tapped as the permanent ba**ist prior to the band's 1999 effort Rituals of Life. Revolution Transmission appeared two years later. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

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