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Strange Corner - Question Mark lyrics

Strange things
In my head I can't stay in my home
For me it's time to go I don't know where and why
Anger is my only feeling
Boredom is all I can see
Every day in the allies homicides
Sexual violences wars and intolerance
These are the fucking words that i listen to
On the TV news
Cocaine heroin trips and amphetamines
Are the better fun for the fucking guys
Enjoy yourselves it's time to change
I want to live I don't want to survive
Question mark
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Every day I wake up early and
I was my face
Then I get dressed
I eat my breakfast and I go to work
Oohh it's a fucking style of life
Wake up man wake up now
Isn't this a fucking way to spend all my time
I'm tired of doing the same things all my life
I'm tired of fighting against my ol'days
I wanna change my way
Wake up man wake up now
I wanna change my time and I wanna change my way
I know it's a rainy day
But even if the sun is high it's a fucked up day
For me

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