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Strait A Students - Get Lost lyrics

There's a problem with me,
That's I can't be with you.
Cause I'm not sure where I'll be,
In the next year or 2.

Or 3 or 4,
I might be sleeping on the floor still,
You've got enough for me, no more...

I still wear the same things I did at 16,
And I'm living like the people I tried not to be,
But baby, you've always been there for me.
And even thought I'm not moving on,
Cause I made the wrong moves,
Always thinking there was something,
I needed to prove.
Sorry baby, cause I'll never be there for you.

Now there's a problem with you,
That's you keep needing me,
You can't handle the truth,
That you're out in the street.

With the city traffic, it's tragic,
That you're so ecstatic,
I'm afraid you're moving on without it,
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That's me... and you, we're through.

These years go so fast, here's my...
Last chance to say goodbye to,
This is the reason why...
My demons left the closet,
Open all night!

And I don't even care anymore...

I got a funny feeling that you're not catching on,
(i think you're gone)
This ain't no 24/7 hour restaurant,
(or nail salon)
You're out like yesterday's tuna,
So more power to ya, can't believe I ever knew ya.
You're history and my misery is gone.
So pack your bags and those maxi pads,
So long!

I still wear the same things that I did (I did) at 16.
But still I don't care the least.
Cause when you fall, we'll I'll keep moving on...
Now listen to me closely,
You're not the girl I want.

And I don't even care anymore...

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