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Strait A Students - Don't Tell Me lyrics

I know that you're leaving,
You took down the pictures we have, whoa no.
I know that's your angry,
I'm always the one that you blame, now I know.

And I'm not gonna start,
Until I know that you're serious.

Don't tell me know, whoa.
Don't tell me you're leaving,
Cause I don't know what to say
No, whoa!
I'll give you the answer,
That you wanna hear...
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I know I was never the one,
That you said that you love, whoa no.
I guess I was thrown off by,
The way you looked at me then, now I know.

That I'm not gonna leave,
Until I take back that piece of me!

You moved all your things out,
Now I don't know which way is up...
I'm going down.
My life is all turned around,
I'm all turned around,
I can't see my future with you. (s**)

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