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Strait A Students - Beyond Forgive & Forget lyrics

You come in late, 2AM...
I don't wanna hear your reasons,
Just get your a** in bed!
But it's never so easy to say.

All bets are off,
Cause you always got a bullsh** answer,
And you think I'm buying it.
It's a game I don't wanna play...

Cause you don't realize,
I'm not looking for a compromise,
And I don't wanna beat you up...

But it beating you up seems right,
Then I'm knocking you down tonight.
All the games that you played,
The mistakes that you made,
Left the breaks that I gave you, Lies...
If beating you up seems right,
Then words are about to collide,
Cause your only defense,
Is your own ignorance,
And you'll hold it against my life.

Hear you on the phone, 4AM...
I can't help but stay awake,
And catch your b**h a** lyin' to me.
Cause that's all you ever do...

Ear to the door,
Hear you talking to guy you were seein',
Back in 1994.
I get the feeling your f**ing him, too!

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Cause you don't realize this,
Relationship was jeopardized,
And I'm about to beat you up...

You think you've played me well.
I've been quiet so f**in' long.
No use thinking about what could be...
Cause there's nothing to do, and nothing to say,
To change the way things have gone down hill,
Your games have beat you up,
And I'm not losing... And I'm not holding back.

After all your defenses,
The same consequences,
Make a means to an end,
Seem exactly what it is.

If beating you up seems right,
Then I'm knockin' you down tonight.
All these mistakes that you've made,
Well I can't get away to save my life.

So won't you run away my dear,
Ain't nothin' gonna make this disappear,
You've brought it upon yourself,
Here's your prize...
A life of constant compromise,
Don't wipe your eyes,
Cause your tear drops,
Sound like heaven to my ears.

You never expect to settle the debt,
Your honest respect is losing effect,
And nothing is left that I should protect,
You're far beyond forgive and forget.

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