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Strait A Students - A Tale of Heartbreak & Madness lyrics

She's lookin' in,
On what she thought was nothing more...
Than best of friends (on the floor).

I suppose she wasn't ready for the series of events taking place,
She's shedding tears, her man for years, the poster-boy of disgrace.
Emotion hand-in-hand with lust, and no regard for the pain,
That she would hide away (and pray to god) erase what she'd seen.

She didn't know what to say,
She wished she'd gone to work that day.
All her happiness betrayed!

This is the paycheck you couldn't cash,
These are the good dreams that wouldn't last,
Painting the picture of an impending tragedy...
Tragedy is not so tragic always,
It's enchanting in some ways,
Cause they get what's coming,
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It's easy to persuade when it's silent at the end of the blade.

Her fears confirmed,
Cause he's moving on like nothings wrong.
With no concern (for what he's done).

I suppose he wasn't ready when she stuck the kitchen knife in his chest,
His eyes were wide, he saw his wife with all his blood on her dress.
She forced a pillow in face and made the final goodbye,
A gasp for air, but nothing there, he prays to god and he dies.

He didn't know what to say,
He may have gone to hell that day.
He won't hide from this mistake...

These scars won't heal in time...
And your lucky stars will never shine!

Dreams come and go before you figure them out.

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