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Strait A Students - Tony's Pizza Night lyrics

It's coming up on payday,
And you know I'm not at the cafe,
Everyone went to the bar last night,
They took my last twenty dollars away.
And now I'm broke that s**s a big one,
I've only got 10 bucks to eat on.
It's a Tony's Pizza Night -
All outta money.
Someone took the last slice,
And it's not even funny.
It's a Tony's Pizza Night.
And I'm not doing alright,
Should have taken smaller bites,
Cause I done lost my appetite.
I was saving money,
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So I could move in with Bergman and Chris,
But 2 days after moving,
He put the house onto the market and man was I pissed.
So now I'm living in the ghetto,
Tonight I'm eating like Jared used to.
Tony's Pizzas
All I got to eat,
I've got less money than a hobo on Holly Street.
Tony's Pizzas
Got me feelin low.
And I'm thinkin' you should know...
It's a Tony's Pizza Night -
All outta money.
Microwaving takes less time,
But the crust gets gummy.

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