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Strait A Students - Don't let Mikey lyrics

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There musta been something in the air that day, When Mikey slammed into the back of David Duryee. Seat belt squeezing as it grabs my chest, Saw the concrete sparkle from the headlight gla**. No insurance agency, Should stand by his side. They wouldn't be employed without Mike. Don't let Mikey... Get behind the wheel. Of your new hot rod automobile, He bends steel to a point thats unreal. And he'll feel. Like an angel, Well it's better than being in... Hell. Opps, forgot to mention, Decision was made... Mikey took your engine away! So here we go again, now he's minus some wheels, On his speedy motorcycle like evel keneivel. He's huggin all the turns like a bat outta hell, But the turn put some burn on his back when he fell. He landed 50 feet or so Away from his shoes, He wished he'd spent his savings on booze. His motorcycles screwed... So now I hear that he's dinged up Mary's car, He done, fell asleep at the wheel and then he rubbed against a guard Rail. The bill is in the mail from the scratches on the vehicale, I know that this may seem sureal... Just don't get near my steering wheel.

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