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Strait A Students - TeeOh'd lyrics

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You've warn out your welcome, Shoulda never called up Drew. He's jeapordized your future, So now the joke is on you. You didn't really make us, But you broke us that's clear. We'll get some choice picks, With the Niners next year. You made a name in Dallas, When you danced on the star. Had they gone off your talent, Noone would have known who you are. Distractions have made us go 1 for 2 in the last 3. And so I'm asking you to leave... Tee Oh! You had everything you wanted But you let it go and so You've got nothing to show. We know, Your contract was so, so, But the media has shown, You're not worth the trouble to own. Signin' balls in Seattle, Claim your quarterback is gay, Get a party on with your pom poms on, When you score in Green Bay. Requesting new contracts, When you've got a perfect life. Or appear in a TV Spot, With a Desperate Housewife. Should've had recognition, For your 100th Touchdown Catch. But you didn't have to mention, Bret Favre is better than McNabb. There'll be no more distractions from here on out. Now that my Eagles are without...

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