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Strait A Students - T.T.L. lyrics

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He was Ted Theodore Logan, Whoa! Lead guitarist of Wild Stallions, Whoa! Johnny Utah should have thrown another touchdown, Blew out his knee and so he's off to be a cop now, Hopped on a bus cause Mister Hopper put a bomb on it, Scoring and shooting and bombing. He'll be the best motherf**ing actor forever, The only one that could take his place is Paul Walker. Keanu Reeves His latest movie was Constantine, He was also in Speed, But no one see's the overwhelming brilliance in his acting but me. Keanu Reeves, His band never made it onto MTV, But with Patrick Swayze, He conquered this whole nation, He's our generations celebrity. The Devil's Advocate was one of his best, Whoa! He's making Al Pacino out to be less, Whoa! Neo's made his resignation from the mainframe, Injecting knowledge to the center of the ones brain, He's gutted Gavin and so now he'll never get to heaven, Leaving, receiving, believing. He'll be the best motherf**ing actor forever, The foot and water scene in Constantine was "Whoa cold".

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