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Strait A Students - Heavy Girl lyrics

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She may have a roll or 2 above her wait, But I still want to have a taste of it. What do I got to do to sit her on my face? Some people say that I'm sick in the head, Cause I want girls to cave in my bed. Not all beleive that skinny's s**y, You'll never get her drunk you've always got a taxi. I'm chasing chubbies and I'm riding the waves, Not the ones in California but in W A. I'm waxin up my woody cause it's takin a toll, I'm hangin' ten on my gargantuan - my anti- Barbie Doll. She likes the calories, yea, yea She's eating seven times a day, yea. When she starts munchin I get bigger. When she gets finished I'm stickin it in her, It's not a perfect world, And I've got my Heavy Girl. Gravity pulling like Kutcher pulls a prank, Washes her clothes in an underwater tank. Like rubbermaid she's always got a meal, It's bulging out her pockets only partly concealed. Size of a house but she still fits in her blouse, The sounds of her tearing clothes, getting me aroused. And If she were a planet she'd of swallowed the sun, When you get er' done, she's a cocked-back, fully-loaded gun. Go ahead and shoot me cause you know I love the big ones, With the luscious lips and the bouncing tits, I'm all about the big ole buns. Go ahead and k** me, cause I just love the fattys, I can hear the sound of the ocean when she's all up on me, DOUBLE TIME!

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