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Straight Reads The Line - The Orchid Killer lyrics

Ive barely enhanced my breathing they've got the feeling it because of you oh you can turn me on if you could do it all day baby id let you without a reason the time is ours lets make this quick your silhouettes will dance around my open wounds please dear bare with me because i know your not at all compairable to my last regret dont prolong the invites to such enchanted events where i will penatrate this lust in the trashiest of ways the problem here is that i had my eyes on you some time ago youll never take her away heres a love song for the books this time you can kill the flower you could kill the bloom you could kill.......fuck
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Ive been waiting to find out where youve been i wanted to know what do i do now i wated to know what i do now that your gone

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