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Straight Reads The Line - The Jig Is Up lyrics

This is harder then it looks nows the time i come to my sences i can't help but think that i am imagening this
Well here im trembling can i prepair for what will happen
Next ive been drawing blanks since last year oh god its hasfelt like a life time it only seems like yesterday that you were right here with me now without you here things are no where near the same we are all in debt to you
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When i close my eyes i can still see your face
Something is missing im sending out my calls to you and i am getting no response you were the one and only we will send out these calls to you but will we ever get a response from the dead now the only chance we have to say goodbye is now GOODBYE MY FRIEND the seasons are changing and time doesnt heal a fucking thing you remain in our thoughts forever!

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