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Stormzone - Spectre lyrics

Had enough of the dry land, now the ocean's calling me
Place a letter in my hand, refuse to take a fee
Set me up with the Spectre, release my men from chains
I'll return with your riches, a Master once again
Wow oh wow oh, running wild and free
A Master and Commander once again
Wow oh wow oh, I'll sail the seven seas
A master and commander for my sins
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The Spectre always wins
You can try to outrun me, sail as fast as you can go
I know all of her secrets, I feel her in my bones
Reunited for vengeance, release the colours high
We're the men of the Spectre, and never shall we die
Repeat Chorus
Wow oh, see how she flows, Wow oh, head for my foes
Wow oh, red from above, Wow oh, battle I love

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