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Stormzone - Alive lyrics

Drink from the water once more
Drink all you need for to live again
You've found what you're looking for
You've got this chance to begin again
You've done it all alone, you've made it here in stages
Spread your wings on your own, the life inside you rages
The tears, the dreams, the dark, your fears, it seems, too far
No light, no time, no sleep, tonight, it's yours, to keep
Time is pa**ing you by, you're yearning to fly
To feel so alive, but time goes by
It's never too late, to open the gate
To feel so alive, reach for the sky
Climb to a new point of view
Higher than you've ever been before
Take in all that's in front of you
More space than you've ever see before
The tears, the dreams, the dark
Your fears, it seems, too far
No light, no time, no sleep
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Tonight, it's yours, to keep
Following your heart from the very start
Never any doubt, never looking out
Courage in your eyes
Never would you leave me standing
Everything you know, everything to go
Once you had your say, nothing in your way
Leave it all behind
No one has such understanding
Everything you face, every single place
Hatred all around, every sight and sound
A challenge every day, every turn a new beginning
Every troubled night, reaching for the light
Try to settle down, both feet on the ground
Then you find a way, both of us will end up winning
Heart always defending, hope never descending
Power I get from your eyes, I know when you're calling
Problems are free-falling, see past the hate and the lies
Built on a true feeling, what we were believing
Strength that I take from your soul

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