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Stormzone - Greatest Sacrifice lyrics

(Verse 1)
See the suffering today
Never knowing what to say
In a foreign you know your time
Has come
As another life goes by
And you can hear the wounded cry
You still remain the only one
As the darkness closes in
And a hell on earth begins
Where the living nightmares are reality
The cries of pain are everywhere
There's a truth behind your stare
You swear, the feeling never dies

With a constitution of steel
With the sense of courage you feel
For the honour you're prepared to make
The greatest sacrifice
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(Verse 2)
For the brave who stay behind
For a peace they'll never find
A living hell where all their hope has gone
See an innocent mistake
One decision left to make
You throw yourself against the bomb
Repeat Chorus

Destiny, taking control of reality
Making a stand for humanity
The greatest sacrifice
Bravery, saving the whole of your
Taking a place in our history, the
Greatest sacrifice
Repeat Chorus (X4)

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