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Stormzone - The Legend Carries On lyrics

(Prologue - The destiny of legends)
Drink unholy water, bathe in misery
Quench your thirst absorbing all the
Carnage that you see
Feeling it's not over, sensing
Something's near
The first time that you think that
Something's wrong, something to fear
Alien in feeling, takes you by surprise
Could someone be strong enough to
Force you from your prize
The destiny of legends, stories to be told
Scriptures hail the battle for the power
That you hold.........
The mist that hides the battle scene
Is clearing now
Burning torches now the light has gone
Only one man standing breathing heavily
The legend carries on.........
Carries on, Legend carries on
Carries on.........

(Verse 1)
Bloody hands on weapons that you
Couldn't hold much longer
Steaming limbs and fiery eyes you don't
Require to see
Still in pain but satisfied the win has
Made you stronger
Dealing with a threat who's not your
Usual enemy

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What has all this power cost
Is it worth the soul you've lost and
Life you've left behind
Everything you see and feel
Commanded from within the steel
That's now become your mind

The end of an era, The King is dead
The Dealer lives forever
His legend carries on
The end of an era, The King is dead
The Dealer lives forever
His legend carries on
The Battle cry, to do or die
Now all your guilt has gone
The Battle cry, to do or die
The legend carries on.........

(Verse 2)
Save the pain and lift your head
The last thing you'll remember
Save the tears and memories
They're things that you won't need
A final glance, you close breathe together
Never make the same mistake
Or trust your enemy
Repeat Bridge
Repeat Chorus
Chorus (X4)

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