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Storms - Paradise lyrics

[Produced by Cayea]

Verse i:

Welcome to paradise, I take it straight cause I don't care for ice
If there's honeys, fine drinks, and sand I'll be there for life
My only mission's to find women in fine linen
Then to dine with 'em and speak rhymes to rhythm
My sins I've forgiven, cause in my religion
Heaven is only a state of the mind
So in the sunshine with a chair on recline
A gorgeous woman named Mine pouring me white wine is how heaven's defined

Yo pa** me the Henny, cause we ain't got nothing but time
I'm with Jenny and Penny and they're sending me signs
My conversion rate is plenty, so I'm rendering vibes
I got Bourbon at the ready so I swerve when I drive
Put earth to the side, you chillin' with Gods here
Got fam in the front, and villains to our rear
Sam with the blunt, we chillin' with our peers
Take long pulls and we sippin' on our beers

Baskin' in rays in my Rays
Listening to Ray play Georgia on my Mind
Writing all my words in Word
Makes the homies say word, and the girls say oh, my, my
Spiting old schools rhymes, screaming out where the vinyls at
Steadily bringing it back on the track like a spinal tap
Rappers praying that their song's not whack
While narcotics teams struggle to prove that mine's not crack

Bring SARS bars back, traversing almanacs
Verses leave you burnt, we Charizard tracks
We ball hard like All-stars, we too hard to swallow
We all in the stars, we on par with Apollo
Impossibly flossy, my style is on auto
Like Audis and Jettas and Caddys and Tahoes
Girl call me Daddy and pa** me the bottle
We fly like Apaches that's blasting the throttle

Tan in my skin, that's right, living in the summer sunshine
This must be a paradise
Must be a, must be a paradise
Must be a, must be a paradise, para-
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Looking in the sky trying to see the unknown
My mind's getting high when the sun's down low
This must be a paradise
Must be a, must be a paradise
Must be a, must be a paradise

Verse ii:

Welcome to Eden, where they only screening out demons
No feinding for crack rocks just back drops that's scenic
I mean it, take a panorama of pristineness
Where cold drinks like piñas get served like subpoenas
It always wasn't like this, we had to build it
Pa**ing that knowledge, like Ls, to the children
Scratch the distinction from soldier, civilian
To villan, cause we all in the same system

Preaching to the asains, blacks, mexicans, and caucasions
If Dre is a doctor this is my dissertation
Cause mental male vacation and female consummation
My syncopation creation enhances ovulation
Fiat cash rappers think they be minted
When essentially they're only infinitely reprinted, what
You wanna be a millionaire? use a life line
And for these industry whack cats this is life nine

Where we understand good and evil co-exist
And balance is the key, too much of either and the boat'll flip
Where we blazin' reefer, only on the dopest piff
We ain't escaping either, only blowing up the hopelessness
We hocus pocus this world of our enjoyment
Find higher conciousness in populous adjoinin'
Keep on keeping on because that is the point kid
Brain waves on paradise, flarin' when the joint's lit

The flow's deep, the lyrics get deeper whenever I think of it
To reach my level you'll need bow down like a sinking ship
Brew cruisin, working on a tan
Feelin' like Herbert Hoover, I could give a damn
Whipping up beats, I eat em up for lunch time
Thats why me so fly in my souped up ride
No lie we philosophize under purple skies
Sunshine iris' look inside and burn eyes, whattup


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