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Storms - Fire Caster lyrics


[Wildcat Sound]

About to eat ya'll up

Verse 1

Up to bat is a screamer
Jam so hard that you shatter your femur
Plan faux pas like your bladder is squeemish
Stand with gods, got a badder demeanor
Out of body hippie when it hits me
Got the illest flow East of the Mississippi
Try and spit like me, you'll be sippin' out a sippy
Try and chill like, you'll be piffin' in a jiffy
Huh sh**, and I ain't even tipsy
Sixteen shots, turn your drama to a mystery
Steez so heavy Hercules couldn't lift me
Breeze so steady, flippin' trees like a misty
So if you can, come and get this mister
If I'm k**ing the game, then I'm murdering hipsters
If our sk**s are the same, then you'll verbally blister
If there's pills for the reign, then I'm currently Pfizer


So practiced, I'm a master of this art
An addict, getting plastered after dark
Masochistic raps, fire caster for the charts
Sparks catching flame way faster than you thought


Verse 2
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What you know about a monsoon?
Bomb you, run a marathon cuz it's on dude
Come through, hit a slip n slide with a blonde nude
Ah shoot, Storms brutalize them with a strong shoe
....That means my foots in your rectum
Battle me, need butt plugs for protection
The Calvary, all unsung and irrelevant
Decapitate kids if they think about meddling
I would say my rap's crack, but it's cliche
So instead I'll call it groovy, oh behave
I would trust the government, but I don't want to be slave
So instead I'm gunna cut it, see what remains
I'm a zombie, I need brains
Ho's strapped to me for support, like a knee brace
Know I got a tripod, wanna get defaced
After which I say "bye ma!" then their number gets erased

Hook x 2

Verse 3

I'm pumping up the place
Funking up the place, something like a free base
Flavor's hot, like if you eat mace
All up in the spot, so without further delay
Storms, the dorm living, beatin' down corny norms
And swarmin' hip-hop in amazing form
I rip the beat and leave it torn
Feel it from your feet to your hand on the horn
I was born, six eleven
Ever since I've been crowned a reverend
Rap junkie veteran, big things is destined
Never claim second
I'm just getting started, why you still resting?

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