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Storms - Back In Effect lyrics

[Produced by Cayea]

C.I. back in effect, stacking the deck
Tell the kings and the queens there's a jack in the deck
That's a pa**ionate threat, in my own lane
No one pa**ing me yet, ‘cause I'm pa**ing the vets
Mach five, soon to be top five
In the bitter winter nights when they die I thrive
My futures the least bit odd, why lie?
All Tyler's decease when I rock tie die
My my, oh my my
Lyrical ability of Slaughterhouse times five
So I guess I'm Vonnegut in 2-0-1-5
Why, why, why? Bird's got to fly
So I'm painting the sky, sixteens on Sistine
Michelangelo just may be alive
A thousand and one flows, an Arabian knight
On the mic, got the royal throne right in my sight

Stalk beats like a jackal
Equivalency of Adam grabbing on the apple
Pats on the back for my mans with the rap flow
If raps were snacks then we have a whole bag full?
f** that we be the factory
Outsourcing all you whack emcee's
Pushing out beats no capacity, and
To go on after we would be tragedy
We burn Jane like Calamity
Take turns in lanes that's family
That's family? Well fam to me
f** with us bring horror like Amity
Snow bunnies ‘round the arm like a tannery, and
Tight tummies and curves like tangerines
Missed calls on the hip not answering
Pit falls from the spliffs, we be pa**in' ‘em


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Ya'll mainstream, we Espous creek
Eight four Gods on an Opus beat
To toke sweeter than we, that's a hopeless feat
You've got better odds rubbing on rosaries

Yeah supposedly, but I doubt it'll save ya'
I'm raps savior, now bow to the maker
So BA, ‘cause I do it so major
The haters still love man, they just love anger

Yeah they love anger, they don't hate love
No grades in this race, no way to rate us
No scales can prevail, no way to weigh us
But if a hater had to grade our aggregate is A plus

Flow plush, damn it's immaculate
Those trying to target my style inaccurate
Just like the brother from Nazareth
Agressive pacifist, J's are the only thing that I get pa**ive with

Bet your bottom dollar on these profits
Using logic to disarm the long arm of the law
Create some offsets, organize the groups of people
Teach them how to see the evil
Make regimes topple and fall
This world is ours, yes

Lights, camera action, man I'm too real
Got the movie role, didn't even make a deal
Or an audition, remember when you listen that
The critics of my flow are also called morticians
Study my body of work and you can learn
The inner workings of the mind a master of murdering
Always k**ing it verbally, man they have to have heard of me
Too deep with the lyrics for them hear it? Oh, that never occurred to me

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