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Steezy Zo - NATE ARCHIBALD lyrics

Man, f** That
If them n***as not sponsoring me bruh
f** that sh**
f** all you n***as
Real Rap

[Verse 1 RobOlu]
From the day I first opened my eyes
I knew the sh** would ride
n***as was hating from the side
I'm Rolling point fives
With my n***as that tote them 9s
It ain't nothing
My n***as they'll bust it
Have you singing Dave Ruffin
Lames on that Robitussin
We a bunch of actavists on that actavis
On That ratchet sh**
I might bag a b**h
With that yarn hair and big booty
This sh** exclusive
Throw that mouthpiece she wanna do me
She Looking ghouly
I'm on front page CNN
With me and friends
Interrupted cause yea we breaking news
We in cahoots
With them dudes in black suites
That whip that black coupe
With the pres in back too
My prezi is black too
n***as watch me
Then these n***as copy
That's why I'm cocky
Getting brain in the cock pit
To Abu Dabi
Cause Ima don that like his women foreign
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That's why she whorein
Never met a man of my importance
She let me snorkel

[Verse 2]
Pull off in that tall Nate archibald
My n***as on call
n***a unguard
We can sparr
I don't wanna talk
You n***as bark
My n***as hawks
Plus you can't see us in the dark
So what you want
I been on that
New sh**
Got these women gluesticked to me
Still smashing only p**y's get visectomes
Cause I'm dissecting
These Raps And knee caps
This ba** and hi hat
I need me bout two backs
To roll me bout 12 grams
I'm slurred off the drank
These words is obsurd
The way these birds
Come tryin to chirp
For sure I'm on alert
I'm off the gas
You n***as on the dirt
I can get you murked
Put you on a shirt

Ima g
n***a check the steez
Fashion forward n***a check the creez

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