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Steez Masta - MegaCypher lyrics

[Verse 1: Pilot Bob]
It's Pilot Bob, you better say thank you
Mess around, my grandma gonna spank you
Cumreon knows bout' prision, they gon' shank you
It's the Aeries kid, gotta D in the cla**
45'000 feet up, I can't crash
He ask me what a good song is, Summer On Smash
Always itchin' my balls, mama say I gotta rash
Fell off my bike, now I gotta gash

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[Verse 2: Josh da Skater]
They love the impersonations, boy I'mma boss
Always spreadin' rumors, you know Josh
Our generation is f**ed, learned that from Smosh
No detention for O's, learned that from Tosh
Impractical jokers, all my friends is smokers
Suspended thugs, don't approach us
Don't bro me, you don't know us
If you know me you know the deal, you know what

[Verse 3: Doggy Pippin]

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