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Steez Mack - The Earth is Grimm lyrics

I'm fucking terrible
I flow so different lately
Haven't been home in a month and I'm still kicking it save me from
The overwhelming thought of going out and venturing
Eventually turned into thoughts of suicidal tendencies
They mention me
In different tones under their breath
Either I'm a stupid stoner or I'm the fucking best
Like no contest man
How bout this
I've been sober two weeks now not even slightly pissed
I'm just
Bored uninspired barely even there yo
Left my punchlines near a glass of jose cuervo
Estoy muerto en los ojos
No puedo ver bien meaning my senses will be rocking solo
I don't know
When I lost my heart in the game
I'm just a marketing tool for you to use towards your fame it's
Sorta lame I would give up so easily
But recently it seems to be that music has no need for me
So we can see
If you'll ever catch me on the tv screen
Every record label will be trying to get a piece of me
Every fucking hater will feel dumb for being mean to me
Every single kid will be so jealous of my scenery
I'll be counting stacks while the quacks work machinery
Cause if you fuck with ladyblazer we show just what it means to be
On top of it
You hit rock bottom
Either live a life with us or wait until the cops got him
Pull out the guns shot him
End of their day
My life's been shit now but I'm told it's bout to be okay

I used to live my life so nice and optimistic
Hitting spliffs but now my life consists of fiction and twisted diction
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And no one's tryna listen to the kid with the sickest writtens
Once in my life I spit real that's my wicked mission
It's all smiles man 20 dollars for a ticket
Sell your soul give it up 20 dollars you can get it
It's all smiles man 20 dollars for a ticket
Sell your soul give it up 20 dollars you can get it

Yeah it's 25 25
Takes a little push to make you fuckers realize
Yeah it's 25 25
Takes a little push to make your mind realize

Little hope for a change without the business flow
Tilting a glass and saying "this is living though!"
Don't need a job to make cash for ribbons bro
I'm broke as fuck and still get pabst and sicker dro
I'm sick and tired
Cause fuckers sit in denial
Thinking they could rip a child
On microphones with style
Sending files
On facebook in piles like
Check out my shit I swear I get wild
The fact is you fucks need more practice
Even josh peck would call you the wackness
Now back this cause thomas is fuckin lacking in rappers
Just leave the flow to steez mackin
Forget the rest like what I do on mc's
Sleep on em like dramamine's the remedy
I'm in yosemite
Double rainbows
Y'all in a wet gutter just fucking up your plain clothes
I'm saying that like I care about an outfit
Swag overloading but your album still sounds shit
Wanna hear my sound then
Gather all around it's
Steez mack best rapper pound for pound bitch

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