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Steez Mack - MoreCherry lyrics

[Verse 1: Steez Mack]
Coming to you live and direct
Recollect and check
I kick style with smooth dialect
Spit fire next
Then I slit ya neck without thinkin
Twice i've been right mc open season
For those just tuning in, we are crazy
Rob your liquor cabinet f** your girl then I'm swayze
Spit digital rhymes still original
k** individual words bring some visuals like
You're sweating and one hand is shaking
Can't remember which free verse you're faking
Look around at the crowd it's the making
Of your career demise feel your heart breaking
Any bit of money it's funny you think I care
I come gunny so get running pieces to tear
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To spit it perfectly
Tearing up where your words would be
Fair enough oh so certainly
Scaring punks who ain't sure of me
You're barely hurting me
Blaring and then averting me
Staring it's like you're flirting
Then sharing just where my herb will be
I smoke a lot of weed nothing is concerning me
Pop a couple caps and I am back for eternity
The sky's the limit if you don't have some hustle
Ima put my effort towards a f**ing space shuttle
Fly past the planets stars and all the rubble
Hand out the window I'm waving to hubble like
'yo, I'm on some double trouble stylee, I'm the one who gave the f**ing salvia to miley'
Cyrus, oh you wanna try this
Man you're bout to wait til august just so you can f**ing buy this

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