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Steez Mack - Overwhelmed lyrics

I told myself I wasn't really worth my own effort
Swimming in my living room stoned within my own endeavors
My zones a desert man I swear I lost my only clever
Parts of me cause now I'm feeling partial to this pain forever
Can you remember when the music seemed to flow from me
I thought that i was dope and that was who I was supposed to be
But now I mostly just feel broken cause I chose to see
The earth as grimm and lately I've been feeling sh**ty openly
Forget the flippin f**in with the wrong crew
Wrong style wrong dudes
Feeling vile I'm rude
Forget the lies go and tell Em I'm through
Steez mack get a better life and a mind too
What's with
All the references about illuminati
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They probably want ya services merkin verbal karate
First they gotta take your pride before you end up disembodied
Then they take your creativity and leave ya talent shoddy
On some real sh**
Or maybe not I don't remember much
Ever since I quit d** and turned my words into a crutch
Sicker than a blister on ya dick from your sister
Get a grip ya f**in hypocrites are twistin up my scripture
When I said I'm f**in terrible
I proved you wrong
They used to call me just comparable
I moved along
I got the sickest band and started made some moves within my area
We call it ladyblazer and we're known for true hysteria
Sometimes things don't come so easily
You'll find most words aren't what the seem to be so

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