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Steel Warrior - Rasalom lyrics

[Music: Steel Warrior]

A thousand black clouds cover the sky
And cries drops of blood in my face
This feeling is here, the evil and me, we're partners again
Like an insane with the heart full of rage
I ride through deceptions and losses
There's no time to pray
Your fear is my force, your soul is my way
And while the storm is changing our ways
My cla**ical crime wait the right time
When your black dreams call for me

Pain is my best gift
Just say the holy words
And run, through the sun
Don't look deep in the eyes of your d**h
Always flying in the wings of the night
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Riding the cold winds of sin

Your fear makes me immortal
The last time to escape

[Solo: both]

It's just the beginning
The final revenge
My power will burn, k** and win
Fighting against the light
And my evil soldiers, a million or more
Will lock your salvation forever
The kingdom of a new Lord will rise=20


[Solo: Andre]

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