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Steel Warrior - Garden Of Souls lyrics

[Music: Steel Warrior]

Beyond the gate, whispers and dark all around
Nobody moves
There's no sensation, nothing is all that I see
The wind pa** by me
Dream and reality here are just the same thing
And I'm walking to the light
Following my way

Rest in peace now, in my yard
With the spirits of the bards
Garden of souls, hope and sins
Garden of souls, place of dreams

Finally light, calm and green, all in my sight
Dimming the eyes
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Feeling the purification coming from the high
Washing my hands

Putting the blade on my shoulder the Lord makes me roam
More thousand years in the world
Slave once again

Screaming for my life
The glory of the war
Falling in my own mistakes
Screaming for my life
The glory of the war
Surviving another day

[Solo: Andre]


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