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Steel Warrior - Your Majesty's Return lyrics

Say to the crowd, beyond the horizon
There comes the king, the only and true
A new age of freedom in this holy reign
Raise our pride, forget the pain!

Faster than the eyes can see, running!
Unleashed from his exile
The distant forest in the mist

I broke the chains with my golden sword
I'm the whirlwind, sent from the Lord

Just stay the true ones, the council of faith
Soldiers defending my kingdom

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A king shall be crowned with fire
And drink all the blood of the dragon
To die for the war, and live to the fight
The return of your majesty

Stronger than all in the universe
The will of the crowd
The scream of all voices
Are filling the hall

[Solo: Andre]
[Solo: Boon]
[Solo: Andre]
[Solo: Boon]
[Solo: both]

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