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Steel Warrior - Spell Of Witches' World lyrics

Come to listen to the thunder
Preparing the storm
Winds of despair, the curse is done
Witches are coming from everywhere
Powerful ravens, don't you dare!

Magic and sorcery, phantoms over our lives
Daring warriors always ready to fight
War cries, the battle began

Spell of witches' world
Hunting our souls reaping lives
Creatures of night
Spell of witches' world
Magic and steel, they will fight
Secrets of life
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Side by side

[Solo: Boon]
[Solo: both]
[Solo: Andre]

Clashing the blades, the hammers
'n weapons of steel
Lightnings of magic crossing the fields
Rising the glory lost in the past
Onward we charge, riding fast!
Back to the journey
To find the exile of the king
Deep in the forest
Facing the curse of the mist
War cries, the witches are gone


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