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Steel Warrior - Divine Wind Of Sho lyrics

Ready to fly
The time to die has come
Look into my eyes
The red sun is back again
Dreams will come true
We are defenders
The empire of doom
Never surrender

See the trail of blood
Staining red all the sky
In the rage of gods, flying too fast
This is my legacy, in bombs and fire
Divine wind of sho

Fight! Divine wind will take me through the
Night! Ravaging freedom dreams
Try! Face and destroy my soul of
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Fire! Divine wind of sho

[Solo: both]

"Like a snowy white cherry flossom
In the time of spring
We shall befall
Unchanged and gleaming…"

[Solo: Andre]
[Solo: Boon]

1945 graves
Burying the sins and my courage
Spirits and lies
Flying samurais
Blood will wash my soul
When my "Zero" falls
Divine tears

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