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Stay Gettin' - Dead Motherf**as lyrics

[Indistict female singing sample in background]

We told n***as about eight years ago
We had this sh** in the smash right (Aight)
This sh** too light man
(In the building)
I got us, Dipset
Lets go
(I'm sorry I'm late, lets get it rockin')

[Verse 1]
Everybody out at the Rock the Mic tour
I'm back in the kitchen, rocking the white raw
You copping your pipe for, locking your nice doors
I pop up in like 4 with chickens that like raw
They clickin', they like raw! They fixin' to fight for
Me: look at my ice, for sure, your sight's sore
We all wearing links as I prepare a drink
Glare and think how I got the whole New York wearing pink
Girls, they stare and wink, how I flare the mink
Drop the top, pop the throttle, cock a Glock, pop a bottle
See "Paid in Full", now I'm up in Blockbuster
And I'm paid in full: still on the block, buster
Not for rock, rucker. '01 ride-wrecker
Shogun, show guns, blow one, you not Gutter!
Little inside joke for you cocks**ers
My block, s**er? Popcorn and hot butter
Like it's the movie theater, but its the Uzi area
Hootie-hoo for hootie-hoo, produce hysteria
And me, I ain't no coattail b**h
I did the Motel 6 with the wholesale bricks

(Sample of female singing in background Overlaping)


[Cam'Ron] and (Juelz Santana)

Jump! Back!
[Lyrics from: https:/**as.html]
Glock! Cock!
Aim! Shoot!
(Y'all some dead motherf**ers)

Repeat Twice

[Verse 2]
I b**h straight up, get in the car (Oh sh**!)
I'm the sh** in the car
I do like Alfre-do, sh** in your car
Pop-a-squat in the drop
Take a drop in the drop
While you dropping the top, unlocking your locks
Last year y'all got a mask in your ride
Y'all imagine its hard, y'all asking for jobs (Jobs?)
Realize I'm attached to the mob
Selling crack in the park, building sacks in the Saab
And chrome, give you skin burns
Leave your dome like ringworms (Worms)
And n***as coming home, they my interns
We the cake couple, put together great puzzles
Hood they love us, the hood together we stay subtle
Juggle bubble, why you n***as hate tussles? (Y'all don't wanna fight)
I didn't always hustle, I was Ma$e muscle
He had the ones so he bought the body
I had the guns so I caught the body
Done son off in the lobby (Finished)
I stay wit the gun shooters, drum movers
Raazoo Kahlua turn one ruler to son doola
And the same brother that you knew
Came through in the rain same color as +Yoohoo+ (Y'all don't know)
Now you know thats the same color as doo doo (sh**)
I'm the sh**, call me Pepe Le Poo-Poo
And I got eses thats cuckoo
You freshe like they LuLu
From freshe they don't doo you

(Sample of female singing in background Overlaping)




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